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Unspecified Builds Product

At Unspecified, we build product that builds communities. We’re a small, proud, hard working boutique software development shop who’s passion for software development and people have converged. It’s our mission to create software that connects people in a deeper, more meaningful way. We build websites, we build devices, we build services to support business, we make software to support people. We also provide a few consulting services for business in need of senior level development experiences. Executive coaching, architecture and product design, delivery management, and training.

Innovation For A Better You

We don't just build products, we build solutions to solve problems. To make experiences better. To bring you and your business more closely connected to your customer across all the platforms you operate on.




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Always reaching for the right tool for job we are constantly pushing the envelope of new technologies and stacks. Our experience runs deep through decades of engineering experience but here is a glimpse at what we are currently passionate about...


Product Development/Delivery

From idea to creation, through launch. We've built and deployed products that services millions of users.


Delivering anything from deep level technical know-how to how, as business owners, we design and build software, we bring amazing content across the United States.

Architecture Design

We take your business needs, budget, future goals and design out a maintainable solution to support all your goals. Awesome performance. Automation. Black leather gloves.

Team Development + Leadership

Help you build and lead the of the exact talent and expertise to drive your goals.

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Message us anytime at (312) 273-4442, we'd love to hear from you!

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