Clark Sell @ Microsoft

9 Years That Started in Consulting and ended in Program Management

Roles and Responsibilities

July 2013 - May 2014

Senior Program Manager

Developer Platform and Evangelism’s TED (Corp)

As a Program Manager in TED, my main responsibilities are two fold. First and foremost, partner with Microsoft’s top commercial ISVs to aid in shipping their top mission critical products on top of Microsoft’s cloud and mobile platform. The other half of the job is spent working with the larger team in creating solutions and frameworks to fill potential product gaps or things that will aid in the adoption of our product. Notable activities included:

  • Partner with an ISV to define architecture, roadmap and strategy.
  • Identify and manage the overall product gaps for commercial customers in the mobile space.
  • Product and Design Reviews.
  • Partner with other members of TED to build out solutions and frameworks.
November 2009 - July 2013

Senior Technical Web and Mobile Evangelist

Developer Platform and Evangelism (Field)

As a technical evangelist I was charged with supporting Microsoft’s web strategy specifically around HTML5. This includes supporting ASP.NET, WebMatrix and the new Windows 8 for our community, customer and garage developers. Notable activities included:

  • Well over 150 speaking engagements and keynotes across the central region of the United States.
  • Shipped a number of open source libraries to help support different aspect of our products.
  • Work in some capacity with That Conference, Chicago Code Camp, Midwest Give Camp, HTML5.tx and a variety of user groups.
  • Daily Operations around event planning, coordination and marketing.
  • 7 articles published in MSDN Magazine.
  • 31 Days of Windows 8 - a blog series writing 31 articles surrounding development for Windows 8.
  • 10 city Web Camp tour reaching over 1k developers.
July 2005 - November 2009

Senior Consultant II

Microsoft Consulting Services

Notable Projects:

Microsoft TFS Jumpstart Kit – Founder, Solutions Architect, and Developer. Designed and built to aid the adoption of TFS by closing the current product gaps by extending features for application build and deployment. Major features included but are not limited to:

  • Application Versioning.
  • Building .NET 1.0 projects in .NET 2.0 on the fly.
  • Automatic sandcastle ( CHM ) document generation.
  • Automatic WIX package generation.
  • Is now an official offering.

Baxter’s Andromeda – Solutions Architect and Development Lead charged to lead, design and build a ground up next generation prescription delivery and treatment recovery product for peritoneal dialysis machines. Major activities included the following but are not limited to:

  • Presales activities included, Proposal, Estimate, and SOW.
  • Architected and Designed the WPF Smart Client and supporting backend services.
  • Designed and built the build process.
  • Designed and built the installation package.
  • Project and iteration planning.
  • TFS customization.
  • Automated testing.

Zurich’s VSTS – TFS Architect \ Solutions Architect charged to design, implement and lead a team of individuals to implement TFS and VSTS for the enterprise using a mission critical product as their showcase. Major activities included:

  • Project Planning.
  • Enterprise TFS Planning, Setup and Installation.
  • VSS Source Migration to TFS.
  • Implemented Branching and Merging strategy.
  • .NET 1.1 to 2.0 Upgrade.
  • Created Enterprise Build \ Deployment Solution.

National City’s “ECM” – Build \ Deployment Solutions Architect charged to implement TFS for their Enterprise Content Management product. Designed and installed their TFS environment. Designed the automated testing framework, build and deployment frameworks, branching structure and source control policies.