Hi! My Name is Clark Sell

Entrepreneur, Software Craftsman, Speaker and Fabricator

Just who is Clark Sell?

I’m a very passionate, entrepreneurial person whose love for developing software was born from my obsessive passion for building and customizing automobiles. This love of creativity, this love of building, creating, lead me to software development. Like the automobile shrunk the world, the computer helped people scale. I love the Web. I love Mobile Apps. I love IoT and how it’s easier than ever to get a small micro controller to just do a thing. Technology is changing the world, and I am glad to be a small part of it.


Founder and Practitioner

At Unspecified our goals are to help business better enable themselves and their customer experiences using software, modern technology, while focusing on the human experiences.

September 2016 - Current

That Conference

Founder and CEO

That Conference is a 501(c)(6) created to build the best family-friendly software & tech community in the Midwest. That Conference is a multi-day technology conference dubbed as your “Summer Camp for Geeks”. That Conference is built on the core principal of sharing real experiences to help others while teaching our craft to our younger generation in a safe place. That Conference has had five major events and is anticipates 1700 geeks in 2017.

Visit That Conference July 2010 - Current

Tangible Labs

CoFounder and CO-CEO

Tangible built, offered, and supported a leading container-based PaaS platform known as Xervo, formally Modulus. Xervo managed 40k websites across the globe on three different cloud platforms. Xervo core features included: cross cloud hosting and scaling, realtime monitoring and one command build/deploy services for node, PHP, Perl, Java, .NET and static websites. Xervo was shutdown in May of 2017. Today Tangible uses that experience providing Web, Mobile, Cloud and IoT consulting services.

September 2016 - January 2018

Telerik, Progress

Director of Product Management

In early of 2014 I joined Telerik as a Senior Product Manager helping expand the Telerik Platform (Telerik’s MDAP product) into the Enterprise. After being acquired by Progress Software, I became a Director of Product Management, running 4 developer products (Test Studio, Rollbase, Fiddler and Modulus) owning over 10m dollars in revenue.

May 2014 - January 2017


Senior Program Manager

My tenure of 9 years at started as a developer consultant in their professional consulting services group, where I was responsible for the design, build, and delivery of mission-critical Websites and Applications. After 5 years I wanted to take my experience broader, joining the Evangelism and Advocacy team as a developer evangelist in quest to partner deeply with the community at large while taking the community's input back to our products. 3 years later I would join the product group as a Senior Program Manager partnering with Microsoft’s top ISVs to architect and build their Mobile apps and deploying them to the cloud.

Learn more July 2005 - May 2014

Allstate Insurance

Senior Architect

The "official" professional career all started here, starting as a tester on the Year 2000 project, working through engineering ranks and ending as a Software Architect. I helped design, lead, and build a number of mission-critical Websites, Applications, and the core architecture framework the company used for all new software development.

Learn more July 1998 - July 2005

Western Illinois University

Graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology

June 1998